Monday, October 11, 2004

The Great Outdoors

Originally uploaded by *Karo*.
This here would be BK, looking particularly squeezable on an overlook in Great Falls, Virginia. It was a bee-yoo-tee-ful day and so we partook of nature with our friends the Englones, who are seasoned Outdoorspeople who laugh in the face of unclassified parasitic diseases one picks up in the jungles of Central America. Not to be outdone, I jumped at the opportunity to embrace the great outdoors, where even my Inappropriate Footwear could not stop me from enjoying the trees and water and shit.

smack down
Originally uploaded by *Karo*.
While the aforementioned trees and water were being enjoyed, a park ranger and policeman came running up the path, jumped the railing, and began what can only be described as clamboring up the cliff. You can see from this photo that the policeman is very uncomfortable with having to enforce the law while precariously perched on a boulder. We never did figure out what the ranger was pointing at -- rogue campers? fornicating teens? The possibilities are truly endless.


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