Thursday, September 30, 2004

She bangs, she bangs!

I may soon regret my decision to go with the longish, swept to the side trendy bangs cause the hair in my eyes is driving me a little bonkers. You know what ELSE drives Mizz A bonkers, class? The fact that all the stylists at the hair salon kept referring to that hairular area as a "fringe," though none of them were remotely British.

Aw, I just realized that I'm no longer Mizz A. Poo.

It's officially fall! And you know what that means: a new purse! Here's what I have selected as my Official Fall Purse on The thought of going shopping at a real-live, honest-to-goodness store makes me want to stick dooce's hot forks of displeasure in my eyeballs. It's just not the same when I don't get to go to Loehmann's with C. And they closed the fucking Dallas Loehmann's the week after we moved here! BARBARIANS!

So! Tomorrow I start work at UTD. I went in today and filled out my social security number on approximately 193 forms, so I guess that means I'm official and shit. I'm so not looking forward to getting up at the crack of ass from now on, which is a must since a) all good UTD employees report to work at 8:00 a.m., and b) the campus is many, many miles away. My options are LBJ and Central (see: hot forks of displeasure), or Walnut Hill and Hillcrest (hot spoons, I guess). Either way, I'm going to be seeing the six-o'clock hour for the first time on a regular basis since my days at West Baltimore Middle School -- "Someplace Special." Ah, the Teach For America days of yore ...


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