Thursday, September 09, 2004

Road trip!

Rowan Oak
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Buster and I will be hopping in the CR-V tomorrow and making our way down I-30 to Memphis, at which point we'll head an hour south to the picturesque Oxford, Mississippi, hometown of BK and current residence of my in-laws and sister-in-law. Oxford is located in Lafayette (that's "La-fet," natch) County, and is the current home of Ole Miss (Go Rebels!) and the former home of William Faulkner (his home, Rowan Oak, is shown here in a picture I took last Christmas). My sister-in-law is about to have her first baby, whom she and her husband will be naming after BK, no less, so I'm going to be attending her baby shower and presenting her with a ginormous stroller-thing.

BK, meanwhile, will be spending the next four days at a work retreat at a fancy-pants resort outside of Big Bend National Park. I asked him numerous times if I could go and just hang out in his fancy-pants room and go for walks in the desert 'n shit, but I got the ol' smack-down. I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN, YOU RAT BASTARD HUSBAND.

On the bright side, I went to the bookstore yesterday and for the first time in my life spend over $30 on a book, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which has been getting hype l haven't seen since the likes of The Corrections or The Emperor of Ocean Park. I snatched the last copy off the bookshelf (yes, I KNOW they have more in the back but allow me my communist-toilet-paper-fantasy) and scurried with it to the cashier, marveling at the 800 pages of shrink-wrapped goodness. If the hype is to believed, it's Jane Austen meets Harry Potter for adults, and I am here to tell you that the first 51 pages lived up to said hype.


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