Saturday, August 28, 2004


After being awoken at 7:30 this morning by the cat mewling as though he was so starved he was contemplating devouring his own tail, the Saturday of Stan began with a bang. As of 2:15 this afternoon, the Saturday of Stan has consisted of: (a) eating breakfast, (b) watching some Olympic women's handball, (c) the Stanimal helping BK mount the Polish posters in our dining room so that they do not wrinkle, and (d) BK and my dad taking two hours to clean out the gutters on the house, which, my father estimates, hadn't been done for approximately 3 years. HELL YEAH.

During this time I (a) read dooce's blog, (b) watched some Olympic women's volleyball, (c) ate the leftovers of my birthday dinner, and (d) followed the dog and cat around the house with my camera, hoping to get a picture of them looking cute together. Yeah.

I'm sure everyone needs a moment now to contemplate the pathetic inadequecy of their own lives as compared to mine, so I'm going to go ahead and log off while we wander down I-35 to Waxahachie. Don't blame yourselves.


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