Saturday, August 21, 2004

Rockin' the Honda CR-V

Well, it was time for BK to get a new car cause the lease on his Passat was up. He'd decided that his criteria were (1) decent gas milage and (2) the ability to become king of Home Depot. This of course put him right in line for either the ever-so-swank Toyota RAV-4 or the also-stylish Honda CR-V. Being the oddly thrifty man he is (namely, being ok with cranking down the A/C and leaving lights on all over the house but yet not wanting to spend more than $20k on a car) the CR-V was right up his alley:
Though the dealership had 10 days to get all the paperwork ready they, of course, did not, so we lost about two hours of ours lives waiting around.

In other news, BK has been quite the handyman around the house lately. After bounding out of bed at 7:30 this morning (?!?!?) he started working on yet another leaky outdoor faucet that we have around the house. Apparently this one wasn't quite as easy to replace as the others have been, because after 3 visits to Home Depot and a whole lot of sweat and toil, we've got no water in the house and no working faucet. He's gone back to the Depot yet again, and I really hope that 4th time is a charm, cause I'd kind of like to take a shower before our reservations tonight at Ciudad, one of Monica Greene's restaurants here in Dallas. She also owns Monica's Aca y Alla in Deep Ellum, which we've become big fans of. I made these Restaurant Week reservations last month, so I really, really, really hope that we get to go.


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