Friday, January 14, 2005

Say it like Marvin the Martian

I bought a RF modulator on eBay recently, a little gizmo that allows you to hook a DVD player up to an older tv that only has a coaxial cable input. FedEx delivered it yesterday, and I opened up the box and took it out. The packaging had been ripped open and then taped back shut, and it was awfully basic -- didn't even have an S-video input. So I'm standing there at the kitchen counter with the RF modulator in my hand, and my thought of course was:

"Christ, how drunk was I when I bid on this piece of shit?"

Thankfully, I then checked out the auction listing and learned that I had not been drunk -- instead, I was getting SCREWED. I had bid on a brand-new CRF910, but instead had received a mauled CRF900. So I fired off an email to audiowrx demanding satisfaction, and now we wait. Hopefully I will not have to resort to leaving the dreaded negative feedback.

Update: Have received the following email:
You were shipped the wrong item. I will send you a crf910.


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