Monday, December 13, 2004

Raking and Stuffing, Attorneys-at-Law

Friday night BK went to play poker and be all testosteroney, so I treated myself to Thairiffic (I know, but what can you do?) and the latest gripping Degrassi: The Next Generation episode. That was some heavy shit, yo!

Saturday afternoon involved some shopping, both for Christmas and for myself. See, I've been putting off buying any new clothes since I figured that soon I'd have to start buying horrific elastic-waisted jeans and items of a similar nature, but given the events of last week, fuck it! I bought me some regular pants! With a zipper and everything!

That night was BK's office Christmas party, which sadly did not involve anyone Xeroxing their ass, which was a big disappointment. Really, the only highlights of the night were 1) being recognized by someone who was in the same scholarship program as I was in college (not really that surprising since I now live in Texas and half the state's population went to UT) and 2) BK getting into a political discussion with some poor lawyer's wife and drunkenly offending her Christian sensibilities. Guess we've got some work to do before ol' BK is ready for the political circuit.

Sunday morning was all about the leaves. Piles and piles of leaves that needed to be raked and stuffed into bags. Every bag was dedicated to a different apartment/condo dwelling friend who has not yet bought into the chumpitude that is home ownership. I'd tell you the ugly truth now, but then the homeowning mafia would come and drill holes in our roof and pour sugar in the pool pump while we slept, so suffice it to say SAVE YOURSELVES WHILE YOU STILL CAN. Move to New York City and be fabulous and carefree and ...

Fuck, I gotta go. The roof is leaking.


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