Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Agony of defeat

agony of defeat, originally uploaded by *Karo*.

I think it's been far too long since I posted a photo of my dog. I realize I'm a dirty thief who stole the angle from dooce, so there's no need to think disparaging things about me. For that reason, anyway.

So! Tomorrow brings the promise of a Road Trip, which is always good for a trip through one of Texarkana's finest drive-throughs and one of Buster's spectacular in-car pukings. BK and I are going to bop on over to Half Price Books tonight and see if we can't wrastle us up a book on tape. If we can't find something we agree on, I'll be forced to continuously loop A Charlie Brown Christmas (the greatest Christmas album of all time, natch) in the car to get us into the goddamn holiday spirit, cause the 60-degree weather sure as hell isn't doing it.

My father called me tonight to wish me a happy Thanksgiving and to remind me that tomorrow marks the 23-year anniversary of our emigration to America. That's right, we are PILGRIMS, although not the kind that stand on the side of the road holding a turkey muppet. My dad (and you must imagine this conversation in Polish, of course) talked about how there have been some rough patches, but that overall these past 23 years have been all right. I agreed that there were some good memories.

Considering this is the closest we're ever going to come to talking about my mother, and that A Charlie Brown Christmas always makes me a little teary, I might be a little goopy right now.

Stupid feelings.


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