Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The shame, my god, the shame!

There is a red light on my work phone. This is the "you have a new voicemail" light. This morning, it is lit up for the very first time since I started my new job on October 1. I am very excited about my first-ever UTD voicemail and want to listen to it.

However, I cannot.

Would you like to know why I cannot listen to my voicemail, chickens of the internet? I will tell you. But you must promise to keep reading my blog after I admit what I am about to admit, once you no longer have any respect for me.

I cannot listen to my voicemail because I HAVE FORGOTTEN THE PASSWORD.

In the eight weeks since I set it up, my voicemail password has, *poof*, completely vanished from my brain. I have attempted to access the accursed Meridian Voicemail with Every. Single. Numerical. Password I have ever used. No dice. Every time I punch in a new combination and hit pound, all excited that THIS might be the one, I hear, "invalid password." I have spent 10 minutes hunched over my desk phone, stabbing at the buttons in a futile attempt to HEAR MY NEW MESSAGE.

I've given up and have called the lady at telecommunication services. I left her a very rambling message detailing the depths of my shame and begging her to reset my password. I HONESTY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT COULD BE. Was I drunk when I set it up? Did I select a numerical string On the Fly? How many digits is it?!?! I don't knooowwwww.

I don't remember the last time I was this embarrassed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Twink aqui.

Two things:
1. I totally blanked on my password for my online banking this week! I have had the same password at this bank for at least 3 or 4 YEARS! Totally blank. It wasn't a big deal to change it, but still, it freaked me OUT. I kept trying to give my brain a running start, but no dice.

2. At my workplace, when they set up your voicemail account, they first give you some generic password. When you change it, there are tons of warnings, "PLEASE write this down or commit it to memory. Once you set your password, we are UNABLE to retrieve it. If you forget it, NO ONE will be able to access your messages." So, uh, I hope you have more luck there!

November 23, 2004 at 11:17 AM  

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